Researcher: Assоc. Prof. Tanya Deneva, PhD


Department of Clinical laboratory, MU-Plovdiv

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Assoc. Prof. Tanya Deneva, MD, PhD graduated from Medical University of Plovdiv in 2000. She worked as a physician in emergency medical care system and as a pharmaceutical representative at Abbott Diagnostics. In 2004 she started working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Clinical Laboratory at the Medical University of Plovdiv. In 2007 she defended a specialty in Clinical laboratory. She finished her PhD in 2009 in the field of laboratory diagnosis of the endothelial dysfunction. In 2016 she was habilitated as an Associate Professor at the medical university of Plovdiv. She is currently Head of the Department of Clinical Laboratory and Vice Dean of quality and accreditation, at the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Medical University of Plovdiv.
Scientific consultant for PhD students and research supervisor for university projects "Start of a PhD program" Participant in national research projects. Her scientific interests are in the field of immunological analysis, biomarkers for active vascular processes, stress biomarkers, oncoproteins, markers for activation in hemostasiology.
She has over 50 scientific publications in peer-reviewed and international journals with an impact factor.

Selected Publications:

1. Deneva T, Ianakiev Y. Evaluation of anxiety, depression and biological markers in health professionals with burnout syndrome. Folia Med (Plovdiv) 2021, 63(1), 122-8.
2. Beleva E, Deneva T, Stoencheva S, Grudeva-Popova Z. Longitudinal Dynamics of Coagulation and Angiogenesis Markers in Cancer Patients During and After Chemotherapy. Clinical and Applied Thrombosis/Hemostasis. 2021, 27, 1-12.
3. Peycheva M, Deneva T, Zahariev Z. The role of fibrinogen in acute ischaemic stroke. Neurologia i neurochirurgia polska. 2020, Advance online publication.
4. Deneva T, Ianakiev Y, Keskinova D. Burnout Syndrome in Physicians—Psychological Assessment and Biomarker Research. Medicina, 2019, 55(5): 209.
5. Zlatanova H, Vladimirova S, Kostadinov I, Delev D, Deneva T, Kostadinova I. Biological Screening of Novel Structural Analog of Celecoxib as Potential Anti-Inflammatory and Analgesic Agent. Medicina 2019, 55, 93.