Researcher: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ventzeslav Georgiev Djurkov, MD, PhD

доц. д-р Венцеслав Георгиев Джурков, дм


Medical Simulation Training Center, MU Plovdiv; UMHAT "Eurohospital"

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In 1984, hе graduated in MU-Plovdiv. He started working as a participating therapist in the town Polyclinic in Saedinenie. In 1988, apply and has been admitted as a scientific assistant to an urgent internal division of VMI-Plovdiv base 2.

In 1992, the he defended his specialty in internal medicine and started working as an assistant at the newly formed clinic of Gastroenterology and hepatology at the UNIVERSITY Hospital "St. Georgi ".

In 1996, he acquired a specialty in gastroenterology. In 1998, he was elected chief assistant to the VMI-Plovdiv. In 2008, he defended the doctorate in gastroenterology.

In 2004, he created the AIPSMPIDG "Dr. Djurkov" and concluded a contract with the NHIF for the SIMP in gastroenterology. Since 2008, he has worked in a specialized hospital of gastroenterology "Eurohospital".

In 2012 he created UMBAL "Eurohospital Plovdiv", which he was manager until 2018. In 2019, he was selected by a scientific jury for a regular associate professor at the Medical Simulation Training center of MU-Plovdiv.

Selected Publications:

1. Gerov, Sarian S, Djurkov V, Ismail B. Hristova E, Kiprin G, Georgiev A, Stoycheva m, Krastev N. Successful treatment of fulminant autoimmune hepatitis in chronic hepatitis B. Bulgarian hepatogastroenterology 2016; 18 (1): 61-4

2. Krastev N, Gerov, Sariyan S, Djurkov V, Kiprin G, Asenov K. Hepatitis C. Epidemiology, diagnostic approach and modern treatment. Medinfo 2016; 11:40-4.

3. Djurkov V. E. Dimitrova. D. Kiprine. N. Krastev. Serum-ascites albuminen gradient in spontaneous bacterial peritonitis. Bulgarian hepatogastroenterology. P. 14 -20, Book 1, year ХХІ, 2019

4. Takorov I., Belev N., Lukanova T., Atanasov B., Dzharov G., Djurkov V., Odisseeva E. Vladov N. Laparoscopic combined colorectal and liver resection for primary colorectal cancer with synchronous liver metastases. Ann Hepatobiliary Pancreat Surg 2016; 20:167-172.

5. Djurkov V. E. Dimitrova. G Kiprine. N. Krastev. Dynamics of changes in the values of the total protein in the ascites fluid in the natural course of liver cirrhosis and Spontaniâ bacterial peritonitis. Bulgarian hepatogastroenterology. P. 8 -14, Book 1, year XXI, 2019