Researcher: Prof. Stefan Sivkov, MD, PhD

проф. Стефан Сивков, дм

Research Division:


Department of anatomy, histology and embryology, Medical Faculty, Medical University-Plovdiv

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He graduated from English Language School in Plovdiv. Holds a degree in medicine from the Medical University of Plovdiv. Received his PhD in 2001. Since 2004 is associate professor, since 2012 professor of anatomy, histology and cytology. He has a specialty in normal morphology (1992). He specializes in cranio- and cephalometry (BAS, 1996). Author of 192 scientific papers and 13 textbooks, has 694 citations abroad and 5 funded scientific projects. Awarded PhD thesis in competition at the Interuniversity Fund of Higher Education, Sofia (2001).

Scientific interests are in the field of neuromorphology - neurodevelopmental hypothesis for the origin of mental diseases, changes in the forebrain cortex in intensive training and physical anthropology - virtual 3D examination of the head and face in age and ethnic aspect.

Member of the Bulgarian Anatomical Society, Bulgarian Anthropological Society, European Anthropological Association. Member of the Scientific Council at IEMPAM at BAS and expert at NEAA.

Selected Publications:

1. Ahmed-Popova F, Sivkov S, Topolov M and Beshkov A (2020) An fMRI Study of Adult Brain Cortical Activation Following Intensive Learning. Front. Psychiatry 11:115.

2. Beshkov, M. Topolov, F. Ahmed-Popova, S. Sivkov “A Review of Neuroimaging Studies on Working Memory Paradigms in Patients with Bipolar Disorder”, Curr Top Med Chem. 18(21):1883-1892, 2018.

3. F. Popova, A. Kovacheva, P. Garov, S. Sivkov, S. Kandilarova, N. Sirakov, M. Stoeva, K. G. Velkova “Adult brain activation during visual learning and memory tasks. An experimental approach to translational neuroscience.”, J Eval Clin Pract., 24(4):864-868, 2018.

4. Timonov P, Novakov S, Sivkov S, Fasova A, Novakov I, Spasov S. The advantage of the virtual forensic autopsy - A new approach which could benefit forensic expertise. Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine 62, January 2019,. DOI: 10.1016/j.jflm.2019.01.005

5. Yaneva G, Dimitrova T , Cherneva D, Ivanova N, Maslarski I , Sivkov S , Ivanov D. Comparative Dermatoglyphic Study of the Palmar Ridge Count in Breast Carcinoma Patients from Northeast Bulgaria.. Acta morphologica et anthropologica, 25 (1-2) Sofia, 2018.