International partner: Universite de Lausanne, Laboratoire de recherche en neuroimagerie (LREN)

Университет в Лозана, Laboratoire de recherche en neuroimagerie (LREN)


LREN is an imaging - neuroscience laboratory where clinical and basic researchers study human brain structure and function relevant to neurological disorders and normal cognition.

We develop and apply noninvasive methods - magnetic resonance imaging and electro-encephalography to investigate topics including use-dependent brain plasticity, recovery of lost function and neurodegeneration.

The main goal of LREN is to translate basic research findings into clinical applications for early diagnosis of brain diseases and for
prediction of clinical outcome.

LREN hosts a state-of-the-art neuroimaging platform featuring a high-end research-only Siemens Prisma 3T MRI scanner, sophisticated MRI compatible neurophysiological equipment and high-density EEG machines.

The launch of the Medical Informatics Platform of the Human Brain Project in March 2016 crowned the efforts of our team towards the development of analytical strategies with immediate relevance not only for the research community, but also for health practitioners, epidemiologists, patients and their carer.