Research Division: Medical Speech Language Pathology


The scientific direction of Medical Speech Language Pathology (MSLP) within the Medical University of Plovdiv’s Research Institute is to study human communication disorders and dysphagia in patients with different underlying conditions.
The focus of MSLP is the scientific study is on the evidence-based assessment and treatment of communication disorders, including fluency disorders, neurologically based communication disorders, speech and resonance disorders, and voice disorders.
Highlighted are the following for future studies:
- Aphasia treatment predictors related to the application of melodic intonation therapy: general outcomes studies
- Stuttering and cluttering effective treatment using the fluency shaping approach and the stuttering modification approach
- Voice and fluency characteristics in patients with Parkinson disease after DAF application.
The computerized speech lab provides an instrumental analysis of assessment and treatment, such that the technology allows speech-language pathologists and other medical specialists an excellent means to conduct research studies within the MU of Plovdiv. The computerized speech lab for acoustic and multi-speech analysis highlights the state of evidence-based assessment and treatment related with:
- Collection of data for applied speech studies in dysarthria, apraxia, aphasia, voice disorders, stuttering, velopharyngeal dysfunction etc;
- Application of evidence-based assessment in voice and resonance disorders: pitch and loudness voice evaluation in real time, 22 acoustic parameters measuring, EGG studies of the contact coefficient of the vocal folds. spectrographic analysis, range of speaking and singing voice;
- DAF application during the therapy in cases of stuttering and Parkinson disease: loudness, pitch and fluency assessment;
- Collection of palatometry data for patients with cleft palate;
- Nasometric and aerodynamic analysis of air pressure, airflow, and speech resonance in articulatory and velopharyngeal disorder.

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