Researcher: Chief Assist. Prof. Delyana Davcheva, PhD


Department of Clinical laboratory, MU-Plovdiv

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Graduated from Medical University-Plovdiv as a Medical Doctor. PhD student at the Department of Clinical Laboratory, Faculty of Pharmacy, Medical University of Plovdiv. Clinical laboratory specialist. Doctor at the Central Clinical Laboratory, University Hospital St. George, Plovdiv. Assistant Prof. in the Department of Clinical Laboratory, Faculty of Pharmacy, Medical University of Plovdiv. Member of the Bulgarian Association of Clinical Laboratory and the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria.
Author and co-author of more than 10 publications in Bulgarian and international journals, including impact factor journals. Participant in intra-university and inter-university research projects. Research interests - elemental analysis, elemental dishomeostasis in various physiological and pathological conditions

Selected Publications:

1. Davcheva D, Kirova G, Tsvetkova T, Terzieva D, Kiryakova M, Kmetov V. Sample preparation and calibration optimization for ICP-MS analysis of copper, zinc, selenium, rubidium, strontium, magnesium, iron, molybdenum and barium in human serum. Bulgarian Chemical Communications. 2019, 51(D), 52-57.
2. Davcheva D, Kirova G, Tsvetkova T, Kmetov V. Contamination control in quantitative analysis of trace elements in human serum. Сборник статии от Национална научна конференция „15 години фармация в Медицински университет – Пловдив“, Девин, 01 – 03 юни 2018, 165-168, ISBN 978-619-237-013-8 (CD); ISBN 978-619-237-014-5 (online).
3. Bakova D, Davcheva D, Mihaylova A, Petleshkova P, Dragusheva S, Tornyova B, Semerdjieva M. Study of the attitude of Bulgarian society towards surrogacy. Biomedical Research, 2018, 29(21), 3835-3841. ISSN 0970-938X
4. Panova M, Kmetov V, Davcheva D, Tomova T, Tomov D. Optimizing the determination of mercury in human urine by ICP-MS with a collision cell mode, Bulgarian Chemical Communications, 2017, 49(Special Issue G), 88 –92.
5. Davcheva D. Essential trace elements - clinical significance and laboratory methods, Knowledge – International Journal. 2017, 20.4, 1765-1770. ISSN 2545-4439