Researcher: Chief Assist. Prof. Yana Gvozdeva, PhD


Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, MU-Plovdiv

E-mail address:


Education: Medical University "Plovdiv" - Master of Pharmacy (2015).
Position: Assistant professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, PhD student (2018), PhD degree in Pharmacy (2021).
Specialization: Pharmaceutical technology with biopharmacy (2020).
Research interests: innovative drug carriers, micro- and nanoparticles, solid dosage forms, personalized medicine

Selected Publications:

1. Georgieva Y, Kassarova M, Kokova V, Apostolova E, Pilicheva B. Taste masking of enalapril maleate by microencapsulation in Eudragit EPO® microparticles. Die Pharmazie - An International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2020, 75 (2-3), 61-69.
2. Georgieva Y, Pilicheva B, Kokova V, Apostolova E, Kassarova M. Taste Masking of Enalapril Maleate by the Precipitation Method. Folia Medica, 2019, 61(3), 426-434.
3. Georgieva Y, Pilicheva B, Katsarov P, Naydenov T, Kassarova M. Characterization of powdered flax seeds mucilage. Scientific Research of the Union of Scientists Plovdiv, 2017, Series G, 21, 237-240.