Researcher: Associate Professor Stanislava Ivanova, MPharm, PhD


Department of Pharmacognosy and pharmaceutical chemistry, MU-Plovdiv

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Assoc. Professor Stanislava Ivanova, MPharm, PhD is the head of the Research division - Phytoterapeutics, Research Institute at Medical University of Plovdiv. She is also a board member of the Research Institute. Assoc. Professor Ivanova graduated from the Pharmaceutical Faculty of Medical University - Plovdiv. She has a PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and a specialty in "Analysis of Medicinal Products". She has completed numerous courses on highly specialised equipment that is used in the analysis of biologically active compounds. Assoc. Professor Ivanova is the head of many scientific projects, PhD students and she is a mentor of many young researchers. Her research is focused on the therapeutic potential of molecules of plant origin. She has great experience in the analysis of the chemical composition of plant extracts and essential oils, and in optimising and developing new approaches for chemical analysis. Her current projects are focused on targeting of molecules of plant origin with high therapeutic potential. She is a member of the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union and the Bulgarian Scientific Society of Pharmacy.