Researcher: Assoc. Prof. Milena Sandeva, PhD

гл. ас. д-р Милена Сандева, дм


Medical Simulation and Training Center, MU Plovdiv; Department of Midwifery Cares, MU Plovdiv

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Milena Sandeva graduated, midwife education, at the Medical College- Medical University-Plovdiv, in 2003. She started working as a midwife at St. George's University Clinic. She also worked as a Senior Midwife at the Maternity Hospital in February 2007.

In 2008 he obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Health Management from the Medical University of Plovdiv. In 2011, she graduated as a Master in Healthcare Management. In 2015, after a competition, she was appointed a full-time assistant to the Department of Midwifery cares at the Faculty of Public Health, Medical University-Plovdiv. In 2017, she acquired a specialty in Public Health and began working as an assistant at the Medical Simulation Training Center of MU-Plovdiv.

In April 2019 - Defended PhD degree on topic „Frequency and Medico-Social Aspects of Preterm Birth”.

Selected Publications:

1. Sandeva M., Tufkova S., Ketev K., Paskaleva D., Evaluating the Effectiveness of Simulation Training in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine, Folia Medica, 2019; 61 Supl. 4: 605-611.

2. Mihaylova A.,Gueorguiev S.,Parahuleva N., Karaslavova E., Sandeva M., Petkova-Gueorguieva E., Ivanova S., Ivanov K., Uchicova E. Frequency of hyaline membrane disease in preterm infants after prenatal corticosteroid prophylaxis, Biomedical Research (India) (2018) 29(6). DOI: 10.4066/biomedicalresearch.29-17-3642

3. Sandeva M., Uchikova E. Reproductive history of the mother and her relationship with the birth of a premature baby, Akusherstvo i ginekologia, 2018; 55(5): 58-60.

4. Sandeva M., Uchikova E., Factors related to the life of the mother, which leads to the birth of the uncertained child, Akusherstvo i ginekologia, 2017; 56 Supl. (8): 14-20.

5. Sandeva M., Uchikova E., Frequency and medical social aspects premature birth, 2016; 55(2): 27-33.