Researcher: Chief Asst. Prof. Yana Feodorova, PhD

гл. ас. Яна Феодорова, дб


Department of Medical Biology, MU Plovdiv

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Yana Feodorova received her master’s degree in Biology from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München where she studied three main subjects – human genetics, biochemistry and cell biology. In 2011 she started working as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Medical Biology at the Medical University of Plovdiv, where she is currently Chief Assistant Professor.

In 2015 Yana Feodorova successfully defended her doctoral thesis on the topic “Chromatin organization during terminal differentiation of mouse photoreceptor cells – dynamics and formation of inverted nuclear architecture”.

Her scientific interests are in the fields of spatial genome organization in the cell nucleus, molecular and cellular mechanisms of cancer and personalized medicine. Yana Feodorova has 30 scientific publications in specialized journals, among which Nature, Trends in Cell Biology, Current Opinion in Cell Biology, Genome Research etc.

Selected Publications:

1. Feodorova Y, Falk M, Mirny LA, Solovei I (2020) Viewing nuclear architecture through the eyes of nocturnal mammals. Trends Cell Biol pii: S0962-8924(19)30222-3.

2. Falk M, Feodorova Y, Naumova N, Imakaev M, Lajoie BR, Leonhardt H, Joffe B, Dekker J, Fudenberg G, Solovei I, Mirny LA (2019) Heterochromatin drives compartmentalization of inverted and conventional nuclei. Nature 570(7761):395-399.

3. van de Werken HJG, Haan JC, Feodorova Y, Bijos D, Weuts A, Theunis K, Holwerda SJB, Meuleman W, Pagie L, Thanisch K, Kumar P, Leonhardt H, Marynen P, van Steensel B, Voet T, de Laat W, Solovei I, Joffe B (2017) Small chromosomal regions position themselves autonomously according to their chromatin class. Genome Res 27(6):922-933.

4. Solovei I, Thanisch K, Feodorova Y (2016) How to rule the nucleus: divide et impera. Curr Opin Cell Biol 40:47-59.

5. Feodorova Y, Koch M, Bultman S, Michalakis S, Solovei I (2015) Quick and reliable method for retina dissociation and separation of rod photoreceptor perikarya from adult mice. МethodsX 2:39-46.