Researcher: Prof. Blagoi Marinov, MD, PhD

проф. Благой Маринов, дм


Vice Rector of Science and Research Activities, MU Plovdiv; Director of Medical Simulation Training Center, MU Plovdiv; Department of Pathophysiology, MU Plovdiv

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Prof. Blagoi Marinov, MD, PhD graduated from the Medical University of Plovdiv in 1995.

He worked as a resuscitator in the emergency medical care system. In 4 years he managed to finish his PhD in the field of exercise pathophysiology and acquired his first specialty - pathophysiology. In 2009 he was habilitated as an Associate Professor at the Medical University of Plovdiv and started the first lectures in English for medical students and pharmacists.

In 2011, as President of the Youth Scientific Association Asclepius, he reinstated its activities and organized the annual conferences "Science and Youth" on a national basis.

In 2013 he also acquired a clinical specialty in pneumology and phthisiatrics. He successfully brought to the defense two PhD students - from the Department of Special Surgery and from the Department of Pediatrics. He serves his third term in the executive board of the Bulgarian Respiratory Society.

Since the creation of the Medical Simulation Training Center in 2015, he has been its director and founder of the first ever International Simulation Training Conference in medicine. In 2016 he habilitated as a professor and combined his teaching activity in pathophysiology in Bulgarian and English with the development of innovative training strategies at MSTC. As a result of his research, more than 80 articles have been published in peer-reviewed journals, he also had over 500 unique citations, h-index = 16.

He is a member of the Bulgarian Medical Association, Bulgarian Society of Physiological Sciences, Bulgarian Respiratory Society, American Thoracic Society, European Respiratory Society.

Selected Publications:

1. Marinov B, S Mandadjieva, S Kostianev.Pictorial and verbal category‐ratio scales for effort estimation in children. Child: care, health and development 34 (1), 35-43

2. Marinov B, Mandadzhieva S, Kostianev S. Oxygen-uptake efficiency slope in healthy 7- to 18-year-old children. Pediatr Exerc Sci. 2007 May;19(2):159-70.

3. Gloeckl R, Marinov B, Pitta F. Practical recommendations for exercise training in patients with COPD. Eur Respir Rev. 2013; 22(128): 178-86.

4. Georgiou KE, Dimov RK, Boyanov NB, Zografos KG, Larentzakis AV, Marinov BI. Feasibility of a New Wearable Device to Estimate Acute Stress in Novices During High-fidelity Surgical Simulation. Folia Med (Plovdiv). 2019 Mar 1;61(1):49-60.

5. Sakakushev BE, Marinov BI, Stefanova PP, Kostianev SS, Georgiou EK. Striving for Better Medical Education: the Simulation Approach. Folia Med (Plovdiv). 2017 Jun 1;59(2):123-131.