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Dr. hab. Iana Markevych is an ecologist and an epidemiologist by training. Since 2015, she holds a PhD degree in human biology from the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany. In 2022, she received her habilitation from the Jagiellonian University of Krakow, Poland. Between 2012 and 2019, Dr. Markevych worked at the Helmholtz Zentrum München and at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany. Since 2019, she is based at the Institute of Psychology of the Jagiellonian University, Poland. Dr. Markevych was part of large EU projects TRANSPHORM and ALEC. She is a co-PI of the Polish NeuroSmog project. Since 2023, she is a Leading Researcher (R4) at Research Group “Health and Quality of Life in a Green and Sustainable Environment”, Strategic Research and Innovation Program for the Development of MU - Plovdiv (SRIPD - MUP).
Her research interests lie in the interdisciplinary field of “health and place”, in particular, influences of nature on respiratory health, on allergic health, and on cognitive outcomes, as well as underlying mechanisms. Dr. Markevych is also interested in technical aspects of data collection, safety, and sharing in epidemiological research.

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