Researcher: Sr. Asst. Prof. Angel Burov, PhD

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Dr. Burov has BSc (2006) and MSc in Urbanism (2008), and PhD in Territorial, landscape and urban planning (2015), with several short specializations in Ecological Economics (2012), Near Zero Energy Buildings Retrofitting (2018) and Permaculture Design (2021). His research interests, among others, include Sustainable Development and Resilience of Socio-Ecological Systems, Landscape Design and Environmental Impact Assessment, Urban Ecology, and the Anthropocene. He has experience in various academic, professional, and civic studies from research projects (ECHOES, URBiNAT H2020 as well as BNSF project 'Development of a Methodology for Assessing Air Quality and its Impact on Human Health in an Urban Environment'), educational and capacity building projects (HURBE, iACT Erasmus+), good practice promotion projects (SCAN - Project with Youth Participation for Urban Regeneration, Share the Neighborhood, Set an Urban Standard for Monitoring and Evaluation of the Urban Environment), as well as plans and expertise related to spatial and urban development, climate adaptation and urban air quality (General and Detailed Master Plans, Integrated Urban Regeneration and Development Plans, Vision for Sofia Monitoring for Urban Environment and GIS themes, Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan of Stolichna obshtina, Spatial-based Scenarios for the Introduction of Low-emission Zones in Stolichna Obshtina). He is also ex - deputy president (2012 - 2021) and president (2021-2023) of the Union of Bulgarian Spatial Planners.