Международен партньор: проф. д-р Саломоне ди Саверио

проф. д-р Саломоне ди Саверио

Кратко описание:

Consultant Colorectal in Cambridge UK. Performed more than 6000 major surgical procedures, mainly as first operator,more than 2500 Laparoscopic & surgical oncology for gastric and colon and rectal cancer. Described & published several original or innovative surgical techniques in both open and laparoscopic surgery.

Consultant Surgeon in Esophageal-gastric surgery and colorectal surgery with interest in general emergency surgery at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, United Kingdom.

His main fields of interest are open and laparoscopic emergency surgery, trauma, abdominal and laparoscopic surgery, gastroenterological and colo-rectal surgery, cancer surgery and senology.

– Since 2010 has been nominated by the University of Bologna as Tutor/Evaluating Professor in the discipline General Surgery in the Clinical Skills (Clinical Practice) Hospital session of the Medical Graduates for National Medical Licensing Exam.

– Since 2011 he has founded and organized an Hands On Course for young Surgeons, ICU doctors, A&E doctors, General Doctors and nurses, about techniques of insertion and management of the thoracic drains in Emergency and Trauma setting.

– He has also initiated and directed two Hands On Courses on Trauma Surgery and Emergency Laparoscopy for the Italian Society of Young Surgeons, held in Naples 2011 at the National Annual Conference of the Italian Society of Young Surgeons.

– Since 2011 he is Instructor, member of the Faculty of the Trauma Surgery and Hands On Course, official course of the Italian Society of Surgeons for Specialist Surgeons, initiated by the Trauma Team of Maggiore Hospital, whith two editions held annually.

– He is also lecturer and Mentor in Surgical Techniques and has contributed with his personal educational surgical videos taken from his series of interventions, at the Emergency Surgery Course organized by the American and European Society of Surgery Urgency and trauma AAST / ESTES. for the students of medicine and surgery in the last year of the UWA faculty and was a tutor of surgery for the external rotation of surgery of these students.

– In 2017 he obtained the National Scientific Qualification of MIUR (University Ministry and Scientific Research) for the suitability of both First Band (Full Professor) and second band (Adjunct Professor) in the General Surgery discipline.

Education and training:
Medical and Surgical Degree at University of Bologna School of Medicine (2002)
Specialization Degree in General Surgery at University of Bologna School of Medicine (2008)
Mini-Invasive Surgery Master at the European Institute of Telesurgery with certification of the Intensive Course of General Laparoscopic Surgery obtained at IRCAD, University of Strasbourg (2011)
University Diploma in Laparoscopic Surgery issued by the University of Strasbourg (2011)
Visiting Professor at the Los Angeles County, University of Southern California, Acute Care and Trauma Surgery Unit (2014)